Creating reminders & removing dates

Good morning!

I think I am too dumb for the Agenda - Interface. I am constantly stumbling to make things work:

How do I create a reminder? I am only able to create calender events (or quick reminders). I thought it would be possible to create a reminder for a date, and on that date jump from reminders app to Agenda to that note…

How do I remove a note from today? No way found.

Thanks for help


It sounds like you already found out how to create a quick reminder, a reminder that isn’t associated to any particular note. If you want to create a reminder that is linked to a particular note you need to insert a reminder into the text. With the cursor blinking in the text of the note choose Note > Add Reminder, or type the shortcut \remind. This creates a reminder that is linked to the notes and will include an Agenda URL that you can click from the Reminders app to jump back to Agenda (at least on Mac).

How do I remove a note from today? No way found.

Select the note, then Note > Remove Assigned Date or when clicking the date of the note, in the calendar that pops up either click again the current date to deselect it, or click anywhere in the empty area of the calendar.


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