Creating notes from calendar

I’m prepping for several upcoming meetings. I’m scrolling through the Calendar sidebar, selecting the next meeting, clicking ‘new note linked to event’ - and then realising the note will not be created in the correct project, because the current note is one I created for another meeting!

So I have to abandon the note creation, navigate to the correct folder, and start again.

Would be really helpful to be able to select the project during the creation of the note.

Perhaps the dialog would offer a choice:

  • create note in current project
  • create note in another project


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Forgive me if this is obvious, but you can create the note anywhere and then move it to a different project afterwards. So at least you do not have to abandon the note creation.

Yes, indeed, that’s also an option.

But it still breaks the flow when I’m creating several notes for different projects one after the other.

I see where you are coming from but instead of adding more clutter the workaround @Pat_Maddox suggests is probably the more obvious to follow. We do have some ideas that fit both in the “preparation” scenario as well as in the flow of doing so in a single project before redistributing the created notes. Stay tuned!

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