Creating list with multiple items

What I did: I have a plain text list of items in a note.

What happened: When I select that list and format at as a list, only the first item is turned into a list item.

What I expected: every line should become a list item with a dash, number or check box.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest public version on macOS. On iOS this works fine.

How exactly are you doing this, by selecting multiple lines and the main menu, or using the popover that shows when clicking the dot in the gutter?

I use the dot in gutter…

I am not a fan of the dot by the way, but I prefer to stick to one way to do all formatting, to train muscle memory. I realise now that the main menu will probably do the job. But this reinforces my believe the dot is not a full replacement of the main menu and that a format menu above the text editor would be a much better solution.

I like Agenda, but it’s annoyingly so many of its GUI features deviate from standard macOS and iOS guidelines and default practices.

Correct, the menu is the way to go for you. The dot menu is mainly meant to get people started, moving towards keyboard shortcuts as they get more familiar with the app. Having said that, we do plan to update the gutter menu to be more consistent.