Creating links to Finder items

For many years in OS X, I used an OS X Service to control-click on any item in the Finder and get a clickable link to it that I could paste elsewhere. I suspect the Service was something that I installed on an old Mac many years ago, but I’ve no idea where I got it. Now that I’ve moved to a new Mac, I’ve fallen back to opening Get Info and triple-clicking on the Where field, copying that and pasting it into the relvant item in Agenda. It’s fine but takes longer than the old method. Also, the resulting link is just a text string, so it has to be selected carefully in Agenda for it to be recognized as a link by the Open Service. (I’m not sure where I got that or if it’s included in all Catalina installations.) Does anyone know how to easily create a link to an arbitrary Finder item?

*NOTE: I know that Control-Drag is a way to do what I want, but I find I’m not dexterous enough to do operations like that quickly and reliably. I would love to be able to do in the Finder what I do in email with the Copy Message Url contextual command.


Take a look at the Hook app. A keyboard short cut copies a clickable link to files, urls, reminders, emails, etc and allows you to paste the link into an Agenda item.

On the Mac, only. But if the target item is available on a synced iPad, then it will open locally on the ipad if clicked in Agenda.

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Thanks, Chris. I’ve tried it and it seems like a great app.

Indeed at this moment your best bet is the suggestion from @chrisduke (thanks!). We have some ideas on how to enable this in the new sharing extension, stay tuned!

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I use Dropbox and the right click dropbox menu has the option to copy the dropbox link.

I backup all my MyDirectory to Google Drive, and use the “Backup and Sync” tool.

The advantage is I can get to these files from my mobile devices as easy as if embedding them in Agenda or iCloud.

The disadvantage is, well, Google. :man_shrugging:

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What is MyDirectory? Is that part of Agenda?