Creating Links to Agenda Notes

I see how to create links to another Agenda note with the right click menu.

I’d like to suggest another approach which is used in Quip (very different product!) that is very fast and keyboard based:

When you’re typing enter @ and as well as popping up a list of People, the list includes other Documents (Notes in Agenda-speak). As one keeps typing letters immediately after the @ symbol the list only shows Documents with those words. One can then select the Document using up arrow and return.

A cool feature is that one doesn’t have to type the exact name of the document - so typing @proposal finds documents that include the words “draft proposal”.

It’s very useful - and fast - to insert links like this just using the keyboard.

(Apologies if a similar functionality exists and I haven’t spotted it!)


Great suggestions, fits well with our plans to add auto-complete support.



I basically come from nvALT, and I found that being able to think and link smoothly really fits my workflow. Even better, being able to create a note through linking would be beyond awesome.

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+1 on this feature.

I find the note’s Link To menu extremely difficult to use, given the number of projects and notes that I have (and that list is an ever-growing list — I can’t imaging trying to find a note on that menu after I’ve got 500+ notes in the project…!)

An alternative to using the menu is to go from the other end; if you select the note you want to link to you can use Edit > Copy as > Agenda Link or on iOS using the same menu from the cog wheel, and paste this link into the note you want to link from. This can be faster than trying to find the note in the Link to menu at times.

+1 It would also be great if ⌘K, in addition to giving you the opportunity to paste a URL, also allowed the autocomplete search as described above.


I would like to link to/from other apps. Agenda needs a proper URL scheme e.g. x-callback-url.

Others in the Drafts community have mentioned this – as a means to a workflow action in Drafts.

+1 from me too. I find linking notes to be extremely useful but as the number of notes increase it becomes harder and harder to do so efficiently using the Link to menu. Going to the target note, copying an Agenda link, navigating back to the note I was writing, and then pasrting it in really breaks my note taking flow. It would be fantastic if the ⌘K input box allowed linking by note title (with type-ahead) or if you added a shortcut (also with title type ahead) like for #tag or @people.


I’ve been wishing for this feature recently. I have one project for brain dump, and another for fleshing out those thoughts. As my notes grow, it becomes a nuisance to go back and forth to link notes.


One feature that does help in some circumstances is right clicking on the notes shown in the ‘recently edited’ and ‘related’ sections of the left hand panel.

Similar functionality for notes in the calendar would be welcome too. (Though there it’s click, not right click, to bring up the menu, which would be inconsistent and annoying).

+1 for this feature. This would make cross-referencing much less cumbersome.

+1 on autocompleting of linking to another note. If it can be fully done by keyboard navigation that would be even better.