Creating Links on iOS

Is this available on iOS? I would love to be able to share links to Agenda notes in my MeisterTask app but can’t seem to get a link to the note.

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You can tap the cog button at the bottom of the note to copy an Agenda Link, and paste that elsewhere.

Mine does not give the option for an agenda link, just an agenda file. When I try to paste it elsewhere, it is indeed a file and not a link. When I click it, a window opens with no preview and only the option to share it again.

I am definitely seeing it. You need to press the Cog button, then choose Copy As…, and then choose Agenda Link at the bottom. If you can’t find it, perhaps you can post a screenshot and we can help from that.

Ok, now I see it. I was using the share sheet option, not “copy as” option. Thank you for your help!