Creating a Reminder from a note

What I did: Create a note with a date

What happened: Did not add to calendar

What I expected: I am wondering if there is a way when I add a date to a note to create the calendar even or reminder from there or do I need to click the plus button on the side bar where the calendar is? I currently have the free version but am wondering if this is a functionality in the premium version. I wanted to make sure before I made the purchase. Thanks!

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I don’t think this is directly possible, even using Siri Shortcuts. The closest thing you can get is create first the calendar event, then linking it from the right sidebar to the relevant note.

At least this is what I can lightly see

Edit: After looking a bit more, you could create an event right from the sidebar, then link a note, but this is a premium feature

Awesome that helps a lot, thank you!

(FYI I’m not sure what is part of free and what’s premium in the stuff that follows)

Adding a note with a date doesn’t create any calendar events or reminders, as you’ve seen.

From the side bar, you can access notes assigned to the current day by using the little notes icon next to the date:


If you have an existing note that you want to create an event for, you can create the event and then attach the existing note to the event.


Reminders “live” inside a note and are displayed on the side bar. Or you can create a quick reminder that isn’t part of a note. Here’s how to add a reminder from within a note:



Thank you for the in depth response, I appreciate it!

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