Creating a Log of specific email using Apple Mail

Spitballing here to see if I am on the right path. While this is initially intended as a peronal life area project, I expect to expand it to my work areas. The idea is to have email from certain sources (senders) marked as read and archived while also sending the email to a new agenda note in what is my Financial Category, Journal project. So…Financial/Journal.

Currently I manaully create a new note and drag the meal to the body of the note.

What I want to happen is for the process to happen without any intervention. Eventually I’ll have some other things happening that will be added to the financial journal that will also happen without intervention. At the end of the day, I’ll be able to quickly review events and then take appropriate action and track it all within Agenda.

Does anyone else have experience working with Apple Mail and Agenda with Shortcuts, Applescript, python, or javascript? My first look reveals that Shortcuts is lacking except as a potential shell. However, I’m thinking that Applescript of python combined with the Rules in Apple Mail would be the best attack vector for this project. Any thoughts, cautions, or tips are apprecaited.


I would think you should be able to do this using Apple Shortcuts but unfortunately it seems Mail doesn’t feature many shortcuts, Apple Script is probably your better option in that case (see for example MacTech | The journal of Apple technology.). Note that you can also trigger shortcuts from Apple Script I believe (though no experience) or otherwise trigger the x-callback-urls to Agenda from Apple Script once you have extracted the relevant info from Mail. I’m not exactly sure how you’d trigger the start of the scripts though, perhaps others have suggestions here, but this is maybe the best way: Use scripts as rule actions in Mail on Mac – Apple Support (UK)