Creating a Calendar Event Preferences

I just purchased the premium features and was trying to test creating an event. I’m using multiple iCloud calendars, but it only gives me one as an option? Is that a bug? Is it possible to set a default calendar?


Hi, yes I would like to set a default calendar although I know I can change the calendar when linking the note, I keep having to change it as it doesn’t select mine it selects my wife’s.

You can choose which calendars you want to include in the Settings of Agenda (Preferences on Mac). (This is a premium feature).

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am using an iPhone and iPad, so on iOS…does this mean it is not possible on iOS?

Regards Norman

Thanks, but that wasn’t my question. I have the premium account, and my calendars show up in the calendar section.

But when I want to create a new calendar event, it only gives me the option of the “birthdays” calendar, it doesn’t show the others…

If you go into the Agenda settings and check if the calendars are selected there, are they? You can choose which calendars are active.

If they are already active, perhaps try turning them off, and back on again. Maybe that will help.