Created Date appears as today, for an old note

What I did: I searched for a note from a meeting I had a few weeks ago. I made a minor edit to the note, and also moved it from Inbox to a particular category.

What happened:
When I viewed the info on the note, I saw that the Created At date was 13:48 today and the last edit time was 13:50 today.

I was doing this on my iPad. I then logged into my and my minor edit to the note (and re-categorisation) had syneced. The mac also showed today as the Created At date.

What I expected:
I was expecting Created At date to be when I originally wrote the note, which was during a call at 4pm on 10th August (about 3 week ago.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
14.1.1 on Mac and on iPad.

I’m afraid this has to do with the way Agenda stores data, ie, per project. When you move a note, it actually makes a whole new note.

We will try to preserve the creation/edit dates during these moves. For now, you should generally not rely on them. Use an attached date if the date is important.

Oh, gosh! Thanks for explaining. Yes - I definitely think that creation dates should be preserved if moving categories - as quite often I will organise the inbox every week or so, and hadn’t realised the creation date would change in this process!

Attached dates are okay, but don’t always mean the same thing as creation date, and can change easily.

Thanks for adding this as a feature request!