Create tasks from Outlook

is it possible create tasks from email in Outlook?
Like in ToDo from Microsoft?

Flag email in Outlook = new task in Agenda…

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No, that level of integration is not possible, I’m afraid. MS can do it, because it makes both Outlook and ToDo.

You can drag tasks from Outlook into Agenda to get a link. That may work. You can also create Agenda Links to notes in Agenda, and paste those into Outlook.

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Drag and drop works only on MacOS… and what about iOS? And what about Send to Agenda?

We are working on a sharing extension that would allow for sending things to Agenda indeed.



This isn’t what you asked for but what I do as a workaround. Microsoft’s To Do can be linked to iOS Reminders and this allows the creation of reminders in Agenda and assign them to a To Do list. The workflow for tasks creation is: Agenda -> Reminders -> To Do -> Outlook

I then manage the tasks in To Do and marking an item as done workflows through to Agenda. This approach supports my planning system in Agenda, where I have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans; Agenda’s linking system is create here. Creating the task in Agenda captures the date and context.

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Using Siri and Reminders with Microsoft To Do

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Any news?

Not at this point I’m afraid, this kind of deep level integration with Outlook is probably hard to pull of being a non-microsoft app.