Create Smart Overview with one tag OR the other tag

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Question: is it possible to create a smart overview based on ONE tag OR the other tag? My use case is that I would like an overview showing my backlog + what I am doing this week and I tried a couple combinations but I dont seem to be able to make the smart overview search for one tag or the other (it searches always for both).

I’m afraid we don’t yet support more advanced searches with OR or AND. For now you are restricted to a single search condition.

The exception is that you can add a date or range of dates, and on-the-agenda status, in the search. It’s an AND though, not an OR. Ie you will see notes that include the search term AND have an overlapping date.

We do have plans to improve search in future, including support for AND and OR. Sorry I can’t offer much more at this point.

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Got it covered :nerd_face: for now

Agenda has a pretty slick feature that lets you do this on the fly (at least on MacOS): you can command-click multiple things in the projects list, and Agenda will show you the combined contents. So, you can create an overview for #tag1 and another for #tag2, command-click them and you will have an ad hoc overview that represents #tag1 OR tag2.

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