Create reminders without an alert?

Is there a way to create reminders without an alert? GoodTask has an option to create new reminders with a due time but not an alert time. I am a big fan of the \remind feature, but wish it would create reminders with only a due time and not an alert time. I want them to show up in the sidebar, but don’t need an alert at that time.

Agenda 10.0.4


You should be able to do so when creating them using the popover (after just typing \remind without anything else). Starting in Agenda v11 the app should soon remember your alarm preference, at which point it should (I believe) also use that for the \remind shortcut. Once Agenda v11 is out please give that a try and let me know if that doesn’t work.

I believe that is incorrect. Perhaps you interpreted my request as wanting all-day reminders, instead of a timed reminder? I may be missing a piece of Agenda functionality though.

My understanding is that reminders can have a due date/time as well as an alert day/time (and to make things more complex, API allows for start day/time… which I don’t personally care about).

What I’d like when doing \remind(1pm) is that it creates a Reminder with a due time of 1pm, but it doesn’t actually set an alert.

Reminder shown in GoodTask w/ alert time: (the speaker icon indicates alert)

Reminder shown in GoodTask w/o alert time:

With a due time but no alert set, Agenda shows the reminders in the list at the correct time, and it turns red when it’s overdue. But for that specific reminder, I won’t get an iOS / macOS notification.

Ah I see, think that’s a bit too detailed for the scope of Agenda. We’ll see if more people raise this issue.

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