Create note from selected text in the current note



While setting up a daily to do list I found as I was writing down what I needed to do, that I was starting to write to much detail - and that that detail would be better in a separate note with a link from my to do list.

Without thinking I selected the text I had just written, right clicked, and looked for ‘create new linked note’, expecting to be able to create a new note, with the selected text as the title, and the selected text to be a link to that note. It seemed so intuitive that the function ought to exist!


There are some complications with that. Eg. If you are in an overview, where should the note go? You would end up showing the menu that sometimes appears at the + button.

So for now, we figure is not that much work to cut or copy the text, and hit + to make a new note, at the place you want it.

We’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the feedback!


Good point where the note goes. Same issue as when you create a note in On the Agenda.

I do still feel though that this sort of work flow would make using Agenda more frictionless. It’s actually more than a few clicks, it’s not just creating a new note, it’s adding a link to that note in the original one using the selected text.

Though can see it’s not a priority.