Create note from selected text in the current note

While setting up a daily to do list I found as I was writing down what I needed to do, that I was starting to write to much detail - and that that detail would be better in a separate note with a link from my to do list.

Without thinking I selected the text I had just written, right clicked, and looked for ‘create new linked note’, expecting to be able to create a new note, with the selected text as the title, and the selected text to be a link to that note. It seemed so intuitive that the function ought to exist!

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There are some complications with that. Eg. If you are in an overview, where should the note go? You would end up showing the menu that sometimes appears at the + button.

So for now, we figure is not that much work to cut or copy the text, and hit + to make a new note, at the place you want it.

We’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Good point where the note goes. Same issue as when you create a note in On the Agenda.

I do still feel though that this sort of work flow would make using Agenda more frictionless. It’s actually more than a few clicks, it’s not just creating a new note, it’s adding a link to that note in the original one using the selected text.

Though can see it’s not a priority.

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I am assuming this question is old but not resolved:

I would find creating new note from selection extremely helpful, perhaps even with something like markdown support [[New Note]] — There could be a default project set in preferences for notes like this, and perhaps the option to include the project in the markdown language: [[New Note|Project]]. I imagine three choices:

  • create new note from selection in default project (without going to new note, continue in current note)
  • create new note in current project (that would be grayed out in overview)
  • create new note and chose project (without going to new note)

The selection would be automatically linked to the new note. The first line of the selected text would become the clickable link and the title of the new note. The rest would go in the body.

This would be extremely helpful for me since I create a lot of links between notes and every additional keystroke or click takes time, even if it is just copy-paste.


Thanks for the feedback. Interesting take. So it sounds like you basically want an “Extract Note” type command, which inserts a link to the new note.

Maybe a bit of an edge case, so probably won’t get to this in the short term. But I think the idea is certainly interesting.

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I can see this being really useful eg at a meeting, or during a brain dump, one makes a long note that covers several different topics with their own action points etc. Then use this function to create smaller notes on for each of those topics.

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Hm, that would be the ideal situation, but a wiki-style ability to create new notes while writing would probably be sufficient. Sort of like @trebso suggests, but more on the fly even.

Let’s say I am writing meeting notes and a new topic comes up that will require a separate note – it would be great to be able to create that note on the fly without having to leave the original note, just by putting markdown around the topic, sort of like in wikimedia: [[new note on something that comes to my mind]].

Or I am writing to prepare a class session (I teach) and I would like to create separate notes for each required reading so I can quickly refer to it during the session.

Or I am writing a journal entry for the day and ideas come up for projects or readings to take notes on.

In these scenarios it would be less important to be able to parse the text - title and body of note - than to be able to continue writing. Copying any body text for the new note and going to it with a click would not be so much additional effort.

If the markdown is not workable, adding the option “new note in [default project]” to the “link to” contextual menu item would also work – not quite as quick, but helpful already.


I see what you mean, but I think it would get messy. For example, where does the new note go? Which project? And what if you accidentally mistype the title of an existing note?

I think linking to another notes with markdown would be a nice feature. Would need autocomplete to be useful, I think, but definitely interesting idea. I’m less convinced that autogenerating notes using link syntax is a good idea, but can consider it.

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Hi everyone. I would like to second this request.

Introducing the capability to instantly create linked notes on the fly would be a great boon for writers and researchers.

Such instant notes could be created in a default folder/section for unclassified notes like they would do in OneNote.

Has anyone seen the new web app Roam Research?

We have some ideas in this direction. Stay tuned.

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