Create Note for each items from a calendar every day

Is there a way to automate creating a Note for each items from a calendar every day, and have it show up in the ‘today’ list? Could be a iOS Shortcut or Mac Automator Action.

In the morning I would like to open Agenda, run the automation action and then, in the today view, have all notes ready for each appointment I have that day.

If its possible to define it even further e.g. that only relevant appointments get a note (e.g. not ‘going to the Gym’ but do have a note for ‘meeting with my boss’).

The reason is I’m lazy but also because it will help me to actually use Agenda as a note taking app.


Hi @davidrene.landes,

This may be more limited than you are looking for, but I think my Create Agenda Notes for Today’s Events shortcut might work for you.

It does what it says on the tin…

  1. it grabs all of the events for today. You’ll need to set which calendar to pull events from. you can also just delete that line and the shortcut will pull all events out of all calendars.
  2. It reads the title of the event and “url encodes it” so that it can be used in an x-callback URL
  3. It then builds a callback URL that creates a note linked to an event of the same name.
  4. It then opens the x-callback URL and creates a note linked to that event. Here is a major limitation of the shortcut – I can’t think of any way it would know what project to put each note into. To use this shortcut as-is, you’ll need to create a project in Agenda called Inbox and your notes will get dumped there. If you already have a specific project you want these notes added to just look in the Text box where the callback URL is being built and change the project-title variable to whatever your project is called. Note that if your project title has spaces in it you will need to replace the spaces with %20 for the script to work properly.
    In terms of ignoring events, the best I can think of is to add filters to the Find All Calendar Events box with lines using Name is not to hardcode specific kinds of events that you don’t want captured.


Good idea. I have a reminder the day prior at like 4pm to set up my meetings for the next day. I create notes for each calendar event, in the particular project that the note is about, and I put all the links and documents to everything I’ll need for that meeting in the note, and any questions I want to ask or action items I want to make sure come out of that meeting in the note. That way when I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to go.


Thank you @bangersandmash, this works great!

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