Create note for drawing (handwritten notes)

Is there anyway to create a shortcut that will start a new note which immediately opens as a drawing so that I can write handwritten notes. I don’t necessarily want to type rather use my pencil instead.

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Waiting for it… and other improvements in the drawing itself (could be like apple note - you add lines inside the note)

I don’t think this is possible, no. We don’t currently have editing instructions like select text, open attachment etc.

Note that you can use pencil to write text. You just write on the note, and it should convert to text.

For now, you still have to insert a drawing to start writing. I’m not sure, but it may be possible to make a note with an empty drawing attached, and save that as a template. Then, if you add a note from that template, you could just click the attachment to start writing.


Ok, mas esse recurso precisa ser melhorado o mais rápido possível… como atualizar os lápis, a forma de compartilhar o documento e a possibilidade de usar o zoom no aplicativo no IOS.

Além disso, a escrita poderia se parecer mais com um caderno, rolando apenas na vertical

Ok, but this feature need to be improved ASAP… like updating the pencils, the way to share the document and the possibility to zoom in the app on IOS.

Also, the writing could look more like a notebook, only scrolling vertically……etc

Thanks for the feedback!