“Create New Note” - NOT in current project

I’m finding it very distracting having to navigate to the project I want a note to be in, before I can create the note.

It would be great if the + sign for create new note had a menu similar to the one that appears when you try to create a note in On the Agenda:

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 11.00.21

Something like:

Add New Note to: [name of current project]
or choose a project to add a new note to:

  • [list of projects]

Why? When I am planning and reviewing my day, I am often creating notes based on what’s in my calendar and in my emails, so I’m not in the relevant project. Also, when an email comes in through the day, I often want to create a note in a project that I’m not currently in.

While I see your point, I don’t think the plus button behaviour is something we’ll change. We’ll think about an alternative.

Fair enough! I don’t mind how it actually works - so long as I can accomplish the same result! This would make my experience of Agenda much smoother.

Update: We have added two new ways that will help your workflow in Agenda 11.1:

  1. a new contextual menu option when right/control-clicking a project to directly add a new note to it. This skips the need to first select the project, then hit cmd-N:

  1. if you hold the alt/option key while clicking the File menu, you also get the option to directly create a new note in a project of your choice:

This is a great step forward! Thanks.

And… something similar for creating a note to be associated with a calendar event? I.e. an option to choose the project when clicking a calendar event and selecting create new note. :pray:

As long as you are on an overview like On The Agenda it will already work this way. We’ll see what can be done.

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