Create new note from selected text

Hi there
I have only just started using Agenda, so apologies if this is already possible. I’d love to be able to select text in an existing note and then choose an option to ‘Create linked note’ that would -

  • create a note whose title is the selected text
  • insert a link so that clicking the selected text takes you to the new note
  • insert a link in the new note so that you could quickly jump back to the original note

That would allow, for example, a list of meeting agenda items to each be linked to a separate note. When the meeting has completed that agenda item you could quickly jump back to the agenda. I’d find it useful also for projects notes where I need an overview but also need to be able to drill down into greater detail.


That would be awesome!

Agree with Trebso!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll have a think about whether that can be done.


This is one of the main reasons I use Bear. I’d love to see this in Agenda!


Strongly agree – it is needed. Available in comparable apps e.g. Bear, Noteplan.

It is always possible… The cost and the priority is the right answer :wink: But I agree with Trebso. It would be awesome!

+1 I agree this would be very useful indeed.

I just felt this need while planning my week.

Is Agenda now able to do this somehow? If not it would be a useful addition.

Yes, we added a number of ways to create notes from existing ones, by splitting them at the insertion point or extracting them from the selected text, see these videos:

and it’s also shown in context in this one:

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Thanks @mekentosj, but these new capabilities do not include the ability to link the selected text to a newly created note ? I think that was the original request

True, this part isn’t possible yet.

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Thanks, please consider adding that ability :slight_smile:

it would enable a lot of things – for instance it would solve the problem of creating new linked notes from inside an existing note

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This is the „back linking“ that is very popular in the PKM community. (See also „Wiki links“) Combine this with an easy (context or panel) (over)view of notes that link to a note, this supports Zettelkasten approaches that favor the management of many short notes in research and learning. Applications to manage meetings, clients and projects are also obvious. Instead of being forced to create and think in terms of a folder structure, one types away notes, that relate through the backlinks. The development of Agenda is on a good course and lets see what is in store for us. Fantastic that one can discuss such ideas and suggestions directly with the developers of an app - the community chat even built into app :slight_smile:


HyperCard anyone??
Any updates on this??

You’ll be pleased to hear that this functionality is coming in Agenda 14

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You guys are making my day. Can I get on Mac Beta?? I’m on iOS beta.

Update: Agenda 14 now supports much easier insertion of links to other notes (or a new note), as well as backlinks through the related notes panel in the inspector, you can see it in action here