Create new note from selected text

Hi there
I have only just started using Agenda, so apologies if this is already possible. I’d love to be able to select text in an existing note and then choose an option to ‘Create linked note’ that would -

  • create a note whose title is the selected text
  • insert a link so that clicking the selected text takes you to the new note
  • insert a link in the new note so that you could quickly jump back to the original note

That would allow, for example, a list of meeting agenda items to each be linked to a separate note. When the meeting has completed that agenda item you could quickly jump back to the agenda. I’d find it useful also for projects notes where I need an overview but also need to be able to drill down into greater detail.


That would be awesome!

Agree with Trebso!

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll have a think about whether that can be done.


This is one of the main reasons I use Bear. I’d love to see this in Agenda!


Strongly agree – it is needed. Available in comparable apps e.g. Bear, Noteplan.

It is always possible… The cost and the priority is the right answer :wink: But I agree with Trebso. It would be awesome!

+1 I agree this would be very useful indeed.