Create Line in Notes

Is it possible to draw a horizontal line between sections in notes on the latest version of agenda. Thank you.

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You’ll be pleased to hear that @drewmccormack has been working, among other things, on providing support for adding a horizontal line. Should make it in a future update.


Excellent. Thank you.

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Would be great, if that horizontal line could be triggered by Markdown like typing --- or ---- (as Ulysses recognizes it) at the beginning of a line.


It will indeed


As far as I can see — or ___ or *** should yield a break line in Markdown

Agenda is not a markdown editor, so we don’t support everything in markdown. We just support some shortcuts that fit in with our approach.

That said, we have just added horizontal rule in our editor, and *** will indeed create one in future. Could be a few months out yet, but stay tuned.

The funny thing however is that you can insert quadruple dashes that indeed yield a horizontal line but only in HTML. Oh well. I’ll be patient :slight_smile: Having said that - would it be possible that Agenda could benefit from supporting all of Markdown?

I’m a bit confused. We don’t have horizontal rules yet. Or do you mean in this forum? The forum uses a different technology, and should support more of markdown.

Yes. I am confused too. That’s what you get when you have Agenda right next to Ulysses. Excusé-moi :frowning:

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