Create-Button „hidden“ under iOS Top-Bar

What I did: Open the app on iOS

What happened: The Top-„Bar“ of the applications overlaps with the iOS Time and Statusbar, making it unusable (i.e. the ±Button to create a new Note is behind the Time and not clickable)

What I expected: The Bar not overlapping with iOS

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda Version: 19.0
OS: iOS 17.5.1 on iPhone 12
I’m not fully sure what triggers the issue, so I’m not sure how to replicate it. It happens sometimes, but regularly. I think that it is related to the fact that I’m using Agenda mainly on my Mac and iPad, not on the phone, so if I open it on the phone it has to sync a lot of things. If during the sync notes from my current project/overview are moved the view changes due to the different size in notes (open /closed etc.) and that pushed the button under the iOS Top-Bar.

I attached a screenshot below that shows the issue (I hid the notes behind a white bar, so it looks a bit strange)

Very odd. We haven’t heard about this before, or seen it ourselves.

If you turn your phone to landscape (with orientation lock in control center turned off), does it fix the issue?

In the worst case, you could consider deleting the app on iPhone, and installing again via the App Store. Maybe that will fix the issue. (Data will then download from iCloud).

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Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll try turning to landscape the next time it happens and provide feedback here. Afterwards I’ll reinstall the app and see if it happens again afterwards

As a Force Close of the application fixes the issue, its not a gamebreaking bug, just a bit annoying sometimes.

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