Create an option to turn off item sorting by creation date

Can you add a option that would allow users to turn off the sorting criteria of sorting items by creation date?

When I write, I sometimes create middle sections of an article before earlier sections. I would like to keep the creation date associated with the item AND change the items order as needed.


I assume you are referring to the assigned date to the note (displayed next to the title on the right)? This date can be interpreted as you want, it doesn’t necessarily mean the creation date, it can also be a future deadline for example. However we do indeed insist on a consistent sorting of notes based on that date, it’s unlikely we’ll change that due to the confusing it would cause with most users. Instead I would recommend you simply write down the creation date at the first line, possibly using a tag so you can search on it, for example like this:

Some Titled Note - leave date blank


The tag will automatically be converted to #created(04-12-2019)

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How can I look up when a note was created?


You can find it by clicking/tapping the cog-wheel icon in the lower right corner of the note, then select the Last Edited date and it will show more info, including the creation date.