Create a template with reminders

Hi all, I just bought the premium features primarily to use templates. I’m not finding it intuitive at all; this really needs a video to explain the uses and how to build them. Some prebuilt templates would be nice too.
Oh well… I want to create a meeting template that will have a predefined area for creating reminders (follow up actions). This in turn will wind up in omnifocus with the all important link to the note. Can I do this?
Thanks for your help

Hi Danny,

A template is just a note with some content already in it. You can add the same types of content as a standard note.

(Aside: the upcoming v11 version of Agenda will allow insertion of dynamic text, such as the current date.)

To make a template, you have some choices:

  1. On macOS, just take any existing note, and choose the Save as Template menu item from the cog button at the bottom of the note.
  2. Choose Window > Template Manager, click the + button to add a new template, and add the text you want in it.

You then create new notes using File > New Note from Template.

Hope that helps!
Kind regards,

I’ve also just added (as part of the upcoming v11 update) the ability to use \remind(in 2 days) et al in a template as well.

Thanks for the response. I was trying to set up dynamic content. Look forward v11!

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