Create a new note from a template

I am trying to create an automation that runs twice a day. This is to help me with my journaling on my phone or iPad. I would like to use the shortcuts app but I don’t understand how to use the x-callback-url feature. I try the Examples but don’t see any results. Any help or suggestions?

You might want to check the shortcuts from @heyscottyj which also use the x-callback-url feature of Agenda. See for example, but you’ll find more Shortcuts you can check in this section of the community: Shortcuts - Agenda Community

Do you want to be asked for content by the Shortcut, or is it meant to pick up content from another place, @carlos.jvr.mrtnz? I’d be happy to help out here.

And thanks for the nod, @mekentosj :grin:


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Hey Scott,

My idea was to run an automation shortcut and open the template I created in Agenda. One for the morning an the other for the evening.

Something like this would probably be a good start.

Edit this shortcut by filling out the dictionary at the top with the needed aspects of how the notes you make should be named, what project they should go to, and what template they should use (assumes there is a place in your template for \shared-content).

Hope this helps!


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