Crash when using continuity camera

I am experiencing a crash every time I attempt to use Continuity Camera to “scan a document”. It does not crash if you simply take a photo using Continuity Camera, but the scan a document part absolutely does.

I am using a 2018 13” MacBook Pro, running the most up to date software, and an iPhone XS Max with the same.

Are you on the latest version of Agenda (there was a crash in earlier betas) and have you submitted the crash report?

I believe so. I checked for updates, but maybe I’m wrong. I’ll report back if I am up to date.

I can confirm that I am all the way up to date.

Hmm, odd. You are quite right. This was definitely working. Must have been some last minute bug that crept in. Will fix in next bug fix update. Thanks!

This issue should be fixed in the 4.1 update.

I’m running version 4.1 and am still experiencing this issue when using “take photo”. I’ve not tried “scan documents”. Crash reports submitted.

Sorry about this. A bug indeed crept back in. It is fixed (again!) in the upcoming 5.0 version.