Crash when dragging note to another project

What I did: drag a note from project A to project B

What happened: Agenda was erased when I was dragging a note from project to another project

What I expected: Note is moved to the target project

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda version 13.1 (upgraded yesterday) / MacOS 11.4 / MacBook Air M1 chip, you can refer the screen recording in below links. Thank you. (

I’ve tried to select 2 notes and move it by dragging, it works. But if not work for dragging 1 note among projects. Thank you.

We are indeed aware of an issue when dragging a note from one project to another, we’ll fix it ASAP.


We’ve just pushed the 13.1.1 update into beta, could you give it a try and see if the crashes are indeed gone? You can download it from

It’s been fixed in this version, many thanks!

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