Craft’s Recent Calendar Integration

I have been checking out Craft for the last several months. It is an excellent and rapidly improving app for note taking. In fact, I’d say their releases and improvements have come so fast that it is amazing. I’d also say that for composing notes, Craft is fantastic with its easy-to-use block structure.

The reason I mention it is that they just released a calendar integration. I am new to Agenda. I started testing Craft and Agenda at about the same time. After moving some notes from Agenda to Craft to test the new calendar integration, I can say that Craft is not yet nearly as well integrated with calendars nor nearly as capable as Agenda. At this moment, Agenda is far superior if you value date-centric notes.

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Thank you for your honest and kind feedback!

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I have reviewed Craft for a couple of magazines and was really enthusiastic initially, but after a few weeks my enthusiasm level fell drastically. Every two weeks you get an update, sure, but bugs have a ball. It gives me the feeling they first want to ensure everybody has what they need with bug squashing and feature efficiency way back on the list.

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I use both Craft and Agenda and am on the fence about both at the moment. Am curious though as to what bugs and feature deficiencies you are referring to? I have found it to be remarkably smooth and free of bugs, so am genuinely curious

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On Craft, notes can exist in folders or be integrated with the Calendar, but not both. This is an odd design choice. They can be linked,

Craft’s calendar won’t indicate anything on a date if you have only links to that date. Another odd choice.

I don’t dislike Craft. I just think their calendar implementation is no where near as refined as Agenda’s.

Ah, now those things I agree with you on! Completely. I think Agenda is superior when it comes to linking notes to meetings and dates but the implementation of tasks in Agenda is horrible, especially if you use a third party task manger. Search is awful as well… If they sorted those things out and added the ability to link notes then I’d be happy to stay with Agenda for my daily/meeting notes. But there is a lot of friction right now for me. But it sure is pretty…

I feel the same, I’ve been using Agenda for about four years now, although I had a difficult time to get started with it. I mainly use it to quickly remember important dates and retrospectively add events (so to document into calendar). It’s implementation is much better than Craft, whose calendar option is more centered around daily notes, but these do not appear in the global app database. They are better at backlinking, which Agenda does a bit, but it’s not as fluid as Craft.

While yes, I’ve been thinking about moving out of Agenda, I will keep using it for the calendar integration. Agenda for me offers a powerful tool for documentation. It discretely connects dates and notes, which is essential for me. For long term, I’ll archive Agenda notes to Craft. And for quick daily notes, it’s Craft.