Couple of small issues

Couple of things to mention:

  • changing the “Mark new notes as On the Agenda” setting doesn’t do anything; new notes still appear marked.
  • I’ve found that notes I deleted are still showing up in the Related Notes section, although when I click on them, I get the message “No Notes for Current Selection”. Without a way to complete the deletion (i.e. empty the trash), there’s no way to influence this.
  • The sidebar always closes by default, even if it was open when you closed the app. I seem to remember you’d decided to change this behaviour (I don’t regard it as a big deal, but others have mentioned it).

But it’s looking good! Can’t wait for the official launch!

Can you confirm this is all with the 1.1 update?

The sidebar issues are still there in 1.1. Always closed after a relaunch. Hope that will be fixed soon.

Yo Alex,

Yes, sorry, should have said: I always keep everything right up to date, so this is the 1.1 issue.

Apologies for the late reply – I wasn’t in the office yesterday.

I always keep everything right up to date, so this is the 1.1 issue.

OK, thanks Bill, we’ll have a look, apparently the fix we added still doesn’t do the trick. Are you and @ton.ensing both on 10.13 or 10.12?

I’m on 10.13.3 beta 4. And to correct myself: the Sidebar remains open after every restart, it’s the Related panel that closes after every relaunch.