Copying whole note especially with table

What I did:

Wanted to duplicate a note which has a table in it. No duplicate note option so selected all, copied and pasted into new note

What happened:

Only text not in the table was pasted into the new note

What I expected:

Everything pasted

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iPad, Agenda 13

So two things please

  • ability to copy tables
  • duplicate note command

The duplicate note command should be there in the gear menu if you have the cursor blinking in the note without a selection, is this not the case?

If you right click the top of a selected note, you do see a Duplicate Note option in the menu that appears. It’s also in Note > Duplicate.

Seems the copying of tables isn’t working. Pretty sure that used to work, so will investigate.

I see Duplicate now. Don’t know how I missed it earlier.

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