Copying and pasting text externally from Agenda's bulleted lines

This occurs in the latest macOS version.

Just a minor bug, but when copying any text from a bulleted line in a note and then pasting it externally to another app, the pasted text always includes an en dash (the stylized bullet from Agenda, I presume) as well as a tabbed space. I don’t mean copying the entire line—but any text within that line. Pasting elsewhere within Agenda notes works as expected.

For example, if I copy “blood” from:

– Tonight is a blood moon.

The clipboard will retain this when pasted externally:

– blood

It’s a bit problematic if you have information that you paste frequently from bulleted line notes. Un-bulleted lines work fine. Just a heads up!

Wasn’t sure whether to stick this in feedback or support, but I think support works better.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will see if we can track this down.

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