Copying and Pasting tables from Numbers

Hi all, wondering if it’s possible to select and copy cells from Numbers and paste them as a table in Agenda.

It seems there’s two options, straight paste gives a PNG of the table and paste-and-match-style gives a plain text result.

What I’d hoped for was the ability to have a table, much as would happen if I pasted into Notes, say.

Am I missing something?

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We’ll see what we can do in future. This is non-trivial, because every app will have a different table format. They typically don’t use a standard shared format. So Excel is different to Apple Notes is different to Numbers etc.

We will try to support as many as we can in a future update. It will never be perfect, because Numbers has much more powerful tables than Agenda, but we can at least put the text in the right cells.


I’d suggest you support pasting tables in CSV and markdown format as a first. This is the standard for most webpages, for instance when copying from github.

We’ll consider it. CSV would make sense. Markdown doesn’t actually have tables by default, it’s Multi-Markdown that has those. Not sure what the proportion of people copying tables from apps like Excel/Word vs those copying markdown tables would be, but I think the native apps may actually be more popular.

Will look into it and see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback!

I have the same request regarding copy-paste tables.
Thank you!

Thanks! We’ll keep it in mind. Any particular format you want supported? Eg. multimarkdown, HTML?

No… A simple table is enough…
Thank you!

Ah, sorry, you were asking about copying and pasting from Numbers. I see now. Thanks!

Yes… also from Apple’s notes or email etc…
Thank you!