“Copy Unchecked” AND “Strikethrough”?

Loving the new “copy unchecked” feature.

One thing that would improve it, is a way of indicating that the item has been copied - perhaps by striking through the text.

I want to leave the checklist in the original note - it’s often going to be a note of a meeting or phone call, and it’s useful to keep the record complete. But if I revisited the note and see there are unchecked items, I end up wondering - did I do those things? Did I move them into another note or project? I copy them again, go to the relevant note to paste, and find they are already there - time and mental attention wasted.

Until now I’ve struck through checklist items to indicate that I have migrated the tasks somewhre else. It would be great if this could be an option. Ideally, I’d like to set this in the preferences, rather than have to select this each time.

Doesn’t have to be strikethrough - could be some other way of indicating.

I can see your point but to be honest I think this is too specific to your particular flow to warrant a specific command.