Copy Selection As…

It’s great there’s a Copy As for the entire note, allowing for the different formats of the entirety of the content.

What would rock is having the option for Copy Selection As… because I’m using certain Projects/Notes for snippets. When I copy standard and paste it loses the # and @ that I do want to carry over into the paste as a Plain Text paste.

Attached a short screen record showing the deal. Also, was kinda hoping that with the selected text and using the Copy As… it would pertain to just the selection, however it does select the entire note.

Any possibility of seeing a Copy Selection As… on iOS please :raised_hands:t2:

Video was too large to attach, here it is via Dropbox share link Dropbox - RPReplay_Final1709420454.MP4 - Simplify your life

Thanks for the suggestion, on macOS it indeed already works exactly as you suggest, we’ll consider adding the option in the black menu that shows when you make a selection.


Appreciate to hear this, thank you 🫶🏻