Copy Project

What I did: Created a pro-former for a recurring note with mulitiple sections.

What happened:

What I expected: wanted to copy the proformer for future occurances of the project type

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Using the project with up to 12 sections, and currently copying each section across to the new project. Same workflow required each time and struggling to figure out how to cut this task down- takes up to 20 mins, maybe more and then have to re-order the sections. Is there a way to copy a whole project?

Thought that templates might be the way to overcome this but save as template does not seem to be an option at project level, only at note level.

I also wish project templates were a thing. Hopefully it’s one of their future things to add.

Thanks for the feedback, we have some ideas in this direction.

Agenda doesn’t have project templates the way it has note templates, but you can do something similar by right-clicking a project and choosing Export… -> Agenda File. Then when you import it, you have the option of adding those notes to the current project or a new project.

And for something kinda crazy, you can attach that exported note file onto an existing Agenda note. Then right click the attachment and choose “Open”, and it will create a new project (it doesn’t prompt for current or new project).

Thanks Pat, that’s incredibly helpful advice.

Very meta indeed! :smiley:

Just had my first go at this and it all worked beautifully, thanks so much for the solution. Happy Chappy.