Copy/pasting/scrolling issues


An odd little bug: if I paste a block of text, if the next operation is to copy/paste or highlight/move from within that block of text, the clipboard is not replaced with the new selection but continues to paste the original selection. This will only stop when new text that includes a space is entered into that pasted text block (so just typing a string of letters that do not include a space will not reset clipboard).


The initial text selction behavior is inconsistent across apps, but from the apps I tested Agenda’s has the most friction: if I want to select a text, on iPad when I press and hold a word in a note the cursor is placed but the word is not highlighted when the option menu pops up (without having to hit Select). This is my expected/desired behavior, but not universal (if I only wanted the cursor placed I would have tapped only). One of the inconsistencies I’ve seen is whether this triggers the keyboard to appear. In Apple Notes, I can pop into a note, grab text, and never invoke the keyboard (only when I place the cursor does it think I want to type. On iPhone though there’s an extra step (I’ve encountered this a bit on iPad), as I can’t just open a note and long-press to grab text. I have to first tap the glass to invoke the keyboard, but then here it does highlight the pressed word as the option menu appears. So ideally the solution is to wed what’s right on both platforms: I should be able to open a note, long-press a word as my first action, and have that entire word highlighted ready for me to act on it. If the keyboard can be kept from appearing until I clearly want to type, all the better.

iOS highlighted scrolling

When I am trying to highlight text that extends above or below what’s visible on the screen, the note should scroll with me as I pull the cursor at the edge to reveal more text until I reach the end of my desired selection. As it is, the highlighting stops at the edge of the screen and one must manually scroll the window and then resume highlighting.

Text color pasting, dark/light mode detections

I can’t find a definite pattern here, but here are two instances of issues pasting text out of with Agenda in Dark Mode (which may or may not be an issue with Agenda). So on MacOS, when I copy white text out of Agenda and try to paste it into Spark’s dark new email window, it pastes dark text. I have to paste-and-match-style to get it to paste white text. It works fine in Apple’s Mail App and Bear, so maybe a spark problem.

In iOS, there are instances where I copy Agenda’s white text and it pastes white text into white windows (Mail App here is one of those cases). Because of how variable it is it may be problems on the receiving end, but thought I’d report. Thanks!

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

We’ll investigate the copy/paste issue. Odd.

We’ll also take a look at interaction with the text editor. I expect a lot of it is standard behavior cooked into Apple’s frameworks. I don’t think we do a lot to affect the basic interaction, but maybe there is something we changed.

Dark/light text is a bit tricky, I guess. You should always get the right color if you paste and match style. Otherwise the original color of the text will be included, and then it might look wrong if the UI is not the correct setting.