Copy & Paste text from Theme System(Dark)

What I did: While working on my iPad, I copied part of a note to the clipboard when Agenda was in the theme “System/Dark” (white text on black background) which looks awesome. Then pasted the content of the clipboard to an email and sent it to my wife.

What happened: Because my wife doesn’t use dark mode on her system (MacMini) she couldn’t read anything. White text on white background is hard to read :grinning:
I don’t know if this behavior is a general problem with Apple’s dark theme or if this is a glitch in Agenda. Because my wife uses Apple’s Mail-App and no dark mode whereas I use Spark and dark mode and I don’t see any problem.
What I expected: Readable text regardless of the theme the recipient uses.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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Thanks for reporting the issue, hard to say whether this is an iOS limitation or not, we’ll investigate what’s going on and whether it can be fixed.