Copy as Rich Text

There is already the option to “Copy As …” HTML and Markdown.
That itself is very practical.
There is also the option to “Export” as Rich Text File.

What I like to see is to “Copy As …” Rich Text. This would allow me to copy the text into Mail (in Rich Text format) and keep the same format. Now I will only have to go through an “Export” as Rich Text, then open in Notes, then copy into Mail.

Using “Copy As …” HTML and paste it into Mail (in Rich Text format) is only approximate. Having a “Copy As …” Rich Text would thus be a great use.

“Share” “Send as Mail” also does not maintain the nice layout of the Agenda Notes.

Actually, I believe the standard Copy will give you rich text. It should be just the styles of the text in the text editor. Ie same fonts etc. If you paste into a rich text editor (eg TextEdit with rich text doc or MS Word), you should have the same styling.

Nah … why did I never try that?

I think it was because I first need to switch to RTF in my Mail editor window, and then indeed it works beautifully. I was just thrown off by the “Copy As …” not containing RTF. Maybe you ought to just add that for people like me :slight_smile:

In any case, your response was very useful. Even happier with Agenda then before!

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Copying doesn’t give me the same as RTF - for example, the checklists (done/not done) are lost and replaced (all of them) with bullets.

But if I “copy as rich text” on the iPad and paste, then they are preserved.

So please give us a rich text/RTF copy as command on Mac :wink:

I should explain - this is pasting into DEVONthink, into a Rich Text (blank) document.

I think you will find that it is rich text. Eg. If you see bold text is bold when paste, it is rich text, not plain text.

The checklist issue is a bit different. Checklists are not part of the rich text formalism. They are just inserted images for the checkboxes. I just tested, and they are in there, because if you paste into Mail (rich text), they appear. So I fear that somehow DevonThink is not including them. I guess maybe they can’t accept embedded images.

Hey, Drew!

While it does create some sort of RTF, it’s not really correct. For example, if I have this list:

  • Parent
    • Nested 1
    • Nested 2

It will create

  • Parent
  • Nested 1
  • Nested 2

Weirdly enough, if I paste in an RTF file in TextEdit, it is done so properly; if I paste in a plain text file, the format is wrong. If I paste in Notes, it is also wrong (the “-” are pasted as they are). Copy as…, or Export as RTF File behave in the same file.

If I copy as Markdown, paste into Ulysses and Copy as Rich Text from there, the text is copied in the right format, so there is something wrong, I just don’t know what.

I know I didn’t present the info that great, but I hope I made sense.