Copy as Markdown: Paste results often in plain text-File

What I did:
Copied a note as Markdown

What happened:
When pasting the file, most of the time I get a txt-file instead of a md-file. Sometimes however, I get indeed a md-file as expected. The same happens if I use the share as … option instead of the copy as … option.

What I expected:
Getting a md-file when copying/sharing as Markdown.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest iPasOS and Agenda Beta-Version.

An md file is just a txt file, of course, but I guess you want the md file extension.

Can you be very specific about the steps that lead to the .txt file? If it is copy and paste, it is tricky, because the destination app decides what to take. Most apps don’t know what .md is, so they will take the .txt version (which should be the same).

I think the same is true of sharing. We can only support what the destination app supports, and most won’t recognize .md file types.

Hi Drew,

Yes, you are right of course, a md-file is basically a text-file.
However, I wanted to send one of my notes to a friend, who asked for the md-format. So I copied the note as Markdown-file and pasted it to the root folder of my iPad. There it was pasted with the txt file extension. Because of that I tried some other notes using the same copy/paste procedure. Some were pasted with the txt-extension others were pasted with the md-extension. All notes I tried, are just text with some simple markdown-formatting, nothing fancy. I then exported the same notes via Agenda’s “share as markdown” feature. Same result here.
There were no other apps involved except Agenda and the iPadOS file browser.

I hope that gives you a clou about what happened and what the problem could be.

Best regards Helmut

Were you able to figure out any pattern as to when you got a .txt file and when you got .md?

Were you just using the attachment popover and choosing the Copy option there?

Hi Drew,
I cannot find any systematic. I tried three different notes:

  • Note 1: Just text with some H1-headers and some tags → .txt
  • Note 2: Just an unordered list and some tags → .md
  • Note 3: Unformated text only → .md
  • Note 1 again: → .md

You see on note 1, that it happens randomly and is independent of the content of the note.

In all cases I used the option “Copy as … / Markdown-File” from the popover menu of the cogwheel in the lower right corner of the note.

Best regards Helmut

OK, I’ll see if I can see what is happening.