Copy as markdown for selected text

I like to copy text as markdown, but want to copy only the selected text, not the whole notice.

Not sure what is going on there. Pretty sure this used to work. Will investigate. Thanks for reporting this.

This happens only on Mac, not on iOS (iPad)

What I do:

  • mark the text
  • right click on the selection
  • choose “copy as” > “Markdown”
  • paste into some other Texteditor (Sublime Text)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, we think we know what is causing this and will try to fix it in the next round of updates.

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BTW: When I copy a whole note and paste into e.g. IA-Writer it is not valid Markdown

The Bullet list has instead of “-[space]” the “-[tab]” character which is not valid for markdown.

You mean there is a tab character between the square brackets? That would be very odd. I am almost certain we don’t insert that there, but will check.

I have now fixed this in our development version of Agenda. It will be in our next release, probably next week.
Thanks for reporting this.
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