Copy as HTML with tables

What I did:

I created a note with a simple table, and tried to copy the note as markdown or as HTML.

What happened:

I had the note on the clipboard, but the table formatting / structure is missing. The table cells are just either in new lines (markdown) or inside paragraph blocks (HTML).

What I expected:

The copy as keeps the basic structure of the table ( | with markdown) and table tr td html tags (with HTML).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

MacOS 13.1.1 (195)

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Same here on iPad. I was wanting to see how alignment within table cells would be exported. My expectation was that centred and right-aligned would be exported to markdown without no alignment (i.e. everything would be left-aligned). Instead I saw the same as you - the table structure was completely lost.

The ability to import/export generic markdown is important to me.

Agenda 13.1.1 (195)
Running on iPad Pro 11-inch (March 2020)
iPadOS 15.0 beta 8

Markdown itself doesn’t support tables. That is multimarkdown.

We do need to improve table import and export. We will try to support HTML.

Note that Agenda is not a markdown editor, so these things don’t come for free with this app. We’ll see what we can do.

Great, thanks for the answer. The HTML support for tables would be really nice. In my workflow I would like to post-process some draft notes exported from Agenda. HTML and markdown are the two supported formats which are easily processable and keep most of your content and formatting.

Hi Drew, I appreciate that Agenda isn’t a Markdown editor hence was only raising the functionality of the import/export Premium feature. Can I suggest that you please specify the level of supported markdown and HTML? It looks like in both cases it’s version 1 as HTML 1 didn’t support tables either.
Regards, Lance.

We can’t really map Agenda to specific version of markdown or HTML, because internally it doesn’t work with either. That means there is not a one to one mapping of features. There could be markdown features that aren’t supported in Agenda, and the other way around. Eg. Agenda has tags and people tags, and neither are supported by markdown.

Having said that, I agree tables are something that you would want at least basic support for. (Agenda, supporting all the various aspects of tables in HTML is not possible in Agenda. We don’t yet have control over cell widths etc)