Copy As HTML no longer works on macOS

What I did: Continued using the Copy As, HTML function after upgrading to Agenda 13.0 (187).

What happened: When I paste into another program (Outlook, Word, Pages), it now appears identical to Markdown. Only the Note Text (RTF) preserves formatting now.

What I expected: Formatted text, as would be the case when I used this function prior to this Agenda upgrade.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    macOS 11.1, Agenda 13.0 (187)

Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look at what’s going on. From which menu do you select this option?

It seems to work OK from the Edit menu, but not from the cog menu on the note.

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Ok, we’ll fix that.

Sorry I finally checked this again, and yes, I was using the cog menu. Thanks for this tip that it works from the Edit menu, that helps me in the meantime!

Update: This issue should be fixed in the next Agenda (13.1) update.

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