Copy as Agenda Link

Application link (“Copy as Agenda Link”) not switching applications in full screen mode.

When Agenda and another application are in the same space, links work correctly back and forth between applications. For example, an application link from OmniFocus embedded in an Agenda Note will, when clicked, bring focus on OF window and vise versa.

However, when applications are in separate spaces, the applicatin link to OF works correctly but the application link to Agenda does not. There are two distinct behaviours: if OF is full screen nothing happens. If OF is not full screen then the Agenda menu bar appears at top of screen but focus does not shift to any of the open Agenda windows.

This behaviour was tested on: OmniFocus, OmniPlan, OmniOutliner, DevonThinkPro, and MindNode (1-way only).

I use Inter-app linking extensivley for large projects.

Am enjoying the app so far.

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Glad you like the app so much and thanks for reporting the issue, we’ll look into this, sounds like we need to explicitly activate the app when we get opened through an Agenda link.

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The focus works, however, the link is broken when a note is moved from a project to another. Notes should have a permalink that must work even they are moved from a project to other.


Hmm, we’ll need to think about the technical side, I agree that it ideally should also work after moving the note.

The agenda URI for notes is agenda://note/{uuid}. It seems that this uuid is changed when the note is moved from a project to another (otherwise I don’t understand why when the note is moved it ceases to work). It could make sense within the current data model of the app that this identifier is mutable. Then, why not to implement a second attribute that keeps the first uuid asigned to the note forever and it is the key used to link to notes?


Your analysis is correct

Agree: I’m often going to want to move notes. If moving from a project breaks them (including, as I noted a while back, breaks links to calendar) that is a big reduction in functionality.

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As I’ve noted elsewhere unique identifier I’ve made my own TextExpander routine to get around lack of UUID accessibility in other apps and have brought it over to my Agenda (also to give finer grained identifier for use within body of a note) but would like to “up” this as desired feature that UUID is immutable.

It seems counter intuitive that “Universal Unique” doesn’t have lifetime property for the note.

It has within its projects, which is the level at which it’s stored. A move of a note from one project to another essentially means we need to make a copy in a different store/document. Given we never want to allow two notes to have the same UUID it means we’ll have to assign a new one to the copy. This is the technical explanation. Of course that doesn’t mean that we should try to come up with a way in which the old uuid can still be resolved to the new copy. We have some ideas there.

Thanks for explaining the rationale;

Yes, I guess we all actually use that to advantage in a way!
Myself, for “substantial” projects that require regular attention I am setting up a “Project Definition” note that I pin to the top of the project. My Calendar reminders now have links to this note where I include meta data and project wide info … following the link of course brings up all the project notes so that is perfect.

That said, I’m still not sure that your thoughts about “resolving new uuid to original uuid” covers my concerns in cases where it would be nice to post to Agenda from a third party app (eg. todo, note app etc.) where project related materials are stored (while doc attach inside Agenda might be handy in some cases inserting ALL docs would seem to be overkill and possible error in not having latest version as the ‘include’).
I’ll give more thought to my not yet flushed out use case and be back to you if I do think up a good argument :wink:

Has this issue been resolved in any of the app updates since the previous posting above. I’ve just ‘discovered’ the power of Copy as Agenda Link. So, the topic has become a concern. Currently I’m exploring creating a Catagory titled Archive into which I want to place Projects that are ‘finished’ but I don’t want to delete, yet. Am I correct in my understanding that all links will contain the initial UUID if I move the entire Project to the new Archived Catagory?

Also, has there been any more consideration of sub-projects?

Alas, not yet, links unfortunately break when you move a note to a different project at the moment, because it will receive a new UUID. We need to implement some kind “permalink” system to be able to still map old uuid’s to new ones after a move. On our to-do list.

Regarding sub-projects, we’ll probably first allow manual ordering of categories and projects with possible sub-categories following later.