Copied „Reminders“ always with same dates?


  • I have text in a note, added a reminder at the end of a Checklist item. I set it to, lets say 2nd of November.
  • I copy & paste this note and change the reminder’s date (at the Checklist item of the new note) to e.g. 3rd of December.
  • Now I see that the reminder in the original note is also set to the 3rd of December.
  • Not matter which date I change (reminder in the original or duplicated note), the other reminder is set to the same date. Is this correct?

I expected that the reminders dates are not the same. I would be able set different dates.

Done this on MacOS, v11.2 (153).



They are the same reminder, no? You copied a link to the same reminder, so I assume the reminder app has only one reminder in it, and Agenda reflects that.

I guess the question is whether when you paste, we should also create new reminders (duplicates). That could be confusing I guess.

Any ideas here @mekentosj?

Oh, there is a small bug. Check the video. The cursor is at the end of the line, but when openeing the menu options menu (left), the cursor jumps one position to the left.

Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2020-10-26 um 10.04.19

Now I am confused. I tested it again, now in my MBA, same versions of MacOS and Agenda.
But here the the reminder`s date of the unchanged note keeps the same. No mater which date I change, the other stays untoched.

It is different to what I learned yesterday. The reminder-ID (?) is still the same in both notes. But not now the Reminders app shows the last changed date/time. The reminder in other note is not getting updated. Yesterday (tested on my MBP, also newest MacOS and Agenda) the reminders in both notes were updated with the last changed date/time.

But, I see in Reminders app only one reminder. In my opinions there should be two. I made a short video. I hope it makes clear what I wanted to explain.

Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2020-10-26 um 10.12.13

You have found indeed a bit of a loop-hole in way reminders are created. Due to their implicit one-to-one relationship, we can’t easily support the creating of new reminders this way. The problem is that we should in a way strip the reminders out when you copy the text or note, but that would prevent cut-and-paste from working. The problem is that enabling cutting a paragraph from one place to another also enables copy-paste as you are using here. In an ideal world this should then create a new reminder, but this isn’t trivial to implement. I’ll see if we can perhaps turn the reminders into unscheduled ones, but not sure if it’s doable. It’s all a bit of a corner case tbh.


Ok, I understand. Now I know what happens, so I will create an new reminder.
@mekentosj: Have you seen the other „bug“, cursor jumps to the left?

@mekentosj: Have you seen the other „bug“, cursor jumps to the left?

Yup, just fixed it, thanks!

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