Control + 1 Not Working

What I did: I pressed control + 1

What happened: Nothing happened

What I expected: I expected to bring up the projects list

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Are you sure you use control-1 (⌃ 1) and not command-1 (⌘ 1) ? If so, is that on iOS or macOS?

Thanks for getting back to me. I triple-checked and I’m definitely hitting ^ 1. This is on macOS. Could it be that I’m using this keyboard shortcut for something else? (For what it’s worth, I checked system settings and couldn’t find any shortcuts using this combo).

^ 2 works for me without any issues.

What type of keyboard are you using? US English or different?

It’s a GB/UK English keyboard.

Ok, will try to replicate, if you find other conditions under which it does or specifically doesn’t work, let me know.

Thank you. Will do.

Just wanted to say I figured out the problem.

^1 was enabled in Settings - Keyboard shortcuts - Mission Control - ‘Switch to Desktop 1’ .

Once I disabled this shortcut the issue resolved itself.

Glad you figured that out! Thanks for letting us know. We will keep it in mind if someone else has this issue.

Kind regards,