Continued memory/performance issues

While Agenda is still my favorite, it continues to be a struggle to fully integrate into my workflow due to continued memory/performance issues.

I’ve updated Agenda every-time a new release comes out hoping that it will fix these issues, but each time there is no improvement.

For example, here is a screenshot of the memory usage recently after my computer was idle for a few hours:
9.37 GB of Memory!!

Starting Agenda makes the fans on my Macbook start spinning up almost immediately.

Just to answer a couple common follow-up questions:

  1. Only syncing 1 calendar
  2. Initial calendar sync had been done weeks ago, there should not have been a heavy load for syncing.
  3. (currently)Running version 6.0.1

That’s bizarre, do you happen to have a lot of attachments? Could you do the following when the application start spinning:

  • open the Activity Monitor app (which you find inside your Applications folder under Utilities)
  • select Agenda in the list of applications
  • take a sample (using the button in the toolbar
  • email us the sample report to

That should allow us to see what the app is doing while it is working so hard.

Also, does the (which you also find inside your Applications folder under Utilities) output any Agenda related error messages?
Best wishes,

Hi There,
I just realised that Agenda was using over 2GB of Memory on my MacBook Pro which. Usually, Agenda keeps on running without any restarts during a week or so. Unfortunately, I stopped it already which prevented me from taking any dumps. After a restart and a few minutes only by now, It’s using around 100mb - which is still more than the ‘usual’ app…
nest time when I realise it using too much memory, I’ll take a sample and send it to you…

I’m using the latest beta 9.1.1 (101)


p.s.: edited 6h after restart of the app (and the mac 3h sleeping) - the usage went up to 555mb…

We are indeed aware of a memory growth issue reported by some users but haven’t been able to really locate the source yet, we have some fixes that we might ask you to test if that’s ok.

yep - of course - just let me know…

Thanks for offering to help test. The fixes are in this version of the app:

If you could download it, drag it to your Applications folder, and then try it out, it would be great. We are not so concerned with short term rises in memory, which can be completely normal, but if the memory doesn’t drop off after say 15 minutes in the background, there may be an issue.

We found another round of potential memory issues. If you get a chance, please test this and let us know if it helps.