Continous Timeline

I‘d like to have a view of all notes, regardless if they are „on the Agenda“ sorted by date before project.


Thanks for the feedback! This is something we would also like to do, and it is in our roadmap.

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I definitely want this.

In the mean time, my approach has been to create a single project that has notes for each of the key projects / milestones I’m working towards, and then link each of those notes to their corresponding projects (if they have any).

It’s not a complete list of the dated notes, but it works great for getting an overview of my most important projects and where they are on my timeline.


I just switched back to Notes because I couldn’t do this in Agenda. Was painful, actually, because there’s no clean way to export notes from Agenda to Notes AND include attachments within Agenda notes. So, I don’t know if I’ll switch back to Agenda, but I paid for the full version thinking a running view of your notes, outside of organizational folders or constructs like On the Agenda or Today would be a baseline feature.

Just to be clear, which date do you mean? The date on the note? Or the creation date?

Have you tried just doing a saved search for notes in a date range, and make the date range very big? I think you would end up with all notes in that range, ordered by date.

  1. Preferably linked date if available and last edit (or create) else.
  2. I tried a saved search by date. However it sorts by date after project not by date before project.

Yes, at this point searches maintain the project grouping. We have plans to allow flexibility in this down the track.

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Can you be more specific on “down the track” ist sounds rather far away. :grinning:

Down the track means that it’s too early to give an ETA, which also means it won’t be in the update we’re working on as we speak.