Contextual timeliner panel

It would be great to have a toggle where I can switch the timeline showing the events and tasks that are associated with whatever it is I am clicking on in the left panel.

In other words, if I am clicking on a note - show me the events and tasks I associated with the given note. If I am clicking on a project, then show events and tasks in all the notes for that project, etc.

Having the option to flip to this contextual information from the general timeline would be an incredible tool to help me focus on anything that relates to what I am working on.

Note that although it doesn’t do that, it does show some contextual info. Eg. if the note is linked to an event, that event should have a highlighted icon.

The downside of only showing that one event would be it would be difficult to link to other events, or get an idea how an event relates to other events on that day. For this reason, highlighting the event makes sense, but completely filtering away others is less desirable.

Thanks for the feedback!