Contacts / People - relationship with Contacts App

I’m exploring how I can use Agenda to replace my CRM - see thread here. I’ve been experimenting with Agenda and the Mac Contacts app.

Dragging a contact from Contacts to an Agenda note results in an icon of a contact. Clicking on the icon brings up various options including ‘Open’. If I open the contact it results in Contacts App offering to import the contact, and warning it will create a duplicate. I’ve tried control dragging, with the same result.

For my use, it would be great if the contact preview opened the relevant contact in Contacts so I could easily email, call etc.

Also, if I ‘quicklook’ at the icon, it merely displays another icon, with no contact details!

It would be great if this could be addressed, and also linked with the People tag.

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The quicklook aspects are not really in our control. It is up to Contacts to provide a relevant preview.

Perhaps what you are after is more a link, than an attachment. Have you tried holding down control when you drop the contact? Does that give you a clickable link?

When I drop a contact (iPadOS) it inserts fine but tapping on it - nothing happens.

You mean you also don’t see the popover for attachments?

I see the attachment symbol and the name of the contact. No menu, nothing happens when tapping. Right.

I will take a look. I guess this is in the beta, right?

Jep. On iPad.

A link is exactly what I want! Unfortunately control dragging the contact doesnt’ create a link. This would be really helpful in my quest to use Agenda as a (quasi)CRM. Until Agenda People tags provide similar functionality! :wink:

I guess Contacts app doesn’t provide us with a link, otherwise holding control should work. Looks like special handling is needed for contacts. May end up falling under the People + Contacts integration.

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