Contacts integration, sort of

On iOS it is possible to copy contacts (from the Apple contacts app), via a shortcut “copy to all devices” and paste them into Agenda. On MacOS, you can just drag them in.

So then, through “preview” in the sub-menu for tags, people and, in this case “contacts”, you can make a call, message or email right from within iOS Agenda.

Just one thing: preview on iOS doesn’t always work. It does most of the time but not always. Any idea why?

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Ps: if I write a phonenumber in a note, it sometimes turns out “clickable” (i.e. callable) and sometimes as just another number.

The only thing I can think is perhaps that the number is added in a preformatted block. That will prevent the detection taking place. But otherwise, I don’t really know. Does making a small edit to that line, and then deleting the edit trigger anything?

Hi Drew,

Making small edits like you suggested does not change it.

As an example, my number, written in 4 different ways (copied from an Agenda note on MacOS):
+49 160 94870168
0160 94870168

I’ll use the workaround with [ ] for now (no big deal).


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Hmm, I guess it is just the format of the phone number then. We just use Apple’s built in detection for phone numbers. I suppose they aren’t properly recognizing some formats.