Consistency in Date parameters for Tags, Reminders and Actions


I got a lot of frustration in adding the date parameters for Tags, Reminders and Actions. Maybe that’s because I am not very good at remembering the exact syntax. I often found myself struggling to add them properly.

The subtle difference between how Actions and Tags handle date parameters is what causes my problem.

#tag(in 2 days) :white_check_mark:
\remind(in 2 days) :white_check_mark:
\date(in 2 days) :x:

#tag(in: 2 days) :white_check_mark:
\remind(in: 2 days) :x:
\date(in: 2 days) :white_check_mark:

#tag(next Sunday) :white_check_mark:
\remind(next Sunday) :white_check_mark:
\date(next Sunday) :x:

#tag(tomorrow) :white_check_mark:
\remind(tomorrow) :white_check_mark:
\date(tomorrow) :x:

Are there any plans for consistency across the board?

Besides, adding the parameters on iOS with virtual keyboard is not easy as it requires a few clicks to type the symbols :(). I wish I don’t have to remember all the syntax. Maybe via a UI such as a simple date picker by long pressing the icon would help?

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if it can be more consistent, Regarding insertion, we have some ideas in that direction too.

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